Water leakages are a common occurrence in metal roofs, as corrosion occurs rapidly around the fastening elements, on account of the fasteners being of different metallic content than the metal roof itself.

Waterproofing for warehouse roofs is done by spray application of polyurethane foam insulation protected by an ultraviolet resistant coating providing a waterproofing layer which affords a 10-year guarantee against water leakage.

The waterproofing application is carried out on the top surface of the roof and, therefore, the regular activities of the concern can continue inside the warehouse without any hindrance while the work is being carried out on the roof. The foam layer also forms a defense against further corrosion preventing any further degradation of the metal skin, thereby drastically increasing the life of the roofing structure.

It is also to be considered that the application of foam insulation provides an additional benefit – that it also serves as thermal insulation of high standards.

Roof Waterproofing
The conventional system of inverted roofing with bituminous membrane and polystyrene insulation is gradually being replaced by the combo system of total roofing. For more details on the system, kindly refer to the section titled COMBO ROOFING SYSTEMS.

Substructure Waterproofing
Constraints in making available adequate parking spaces in new buildings have led to the adoption of basement parking in most of the new buildings in UAE in the last decade. Al Intishar Insulation has successfully completed numerous basement waterproofing works including several multilevel basements.

Wet Area Waterproofing
We employ both membraneous systems as well as all types of liquid application for the waterproofing of wet areas.

Speciality Coatings
We also offer services for applications with varied materials such as EPDM, PVC, GRC as well as spray-applied polyurea coatings.